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Image Slates

Image Slates

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- Perfect gift for any occasion

- Slate is 19cm x 19cm and can have any image applied to it

- Each slate will come with 2 stand feet

*Please upload the image exactly as wanted ensuring anything that is 100% needed is away from the edges as there could be a loss of about 1cm*

*We do not edit the photos provided so they will be printed in the colours and the quality that is uploaded. Please ensure the best quality is uploaded before submitting your order* 

*Please make sure to click 'Add to Cart' once the image has been uploaded to ensure everything has been sent through correctly. If you would like multiple slates, please add them to the basket as separate items with their own individual image*

*The image I generate is going to be sublimated straight on to a natural slate surface. There is a chance there may be slight cuts or bumps due to it being a natural material*

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